BID’s Response to COVID-19

The corona virus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having an enormous impact on our economy. During the unprecedented times of recent weeks Merthyr Tydfil BID has been working hard to provide as much practical help, support and advice to its members as possible.The BID has kept it’s members up to date with weekly business newsletters offering all the latest advice and information. We have also been supporting MTCBC Community Regeneration Team in the distribution and collection of Business Support Questionnaires. 
Along with BIDs in Wales and across the UK, we have had discussions with Welsh and UK Governments in regards to emergency funding that would provide financial assistance to levy payers. Our accountants have also been on hand to provide free professional advice to our levy payers regarding financial matters relating to COVID-19. If you would like to speak with them, please email your name and contact number to and we’ll pass your details on for them to give you a call
Our Emergency Digital Marketing campaign reached a total of 272,000 people and included messages and information from many of our businesses, business adverts, COVID-19 updates, financial matters and information about various organisations that were offering help and support, along with shoutouts to the many amazing volunteers within the Merthyr community.
Our essential businesses have been open and operating under revised hours. These include Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Banks, Butchers and Health & Wellbeing. Each business is strictly following government guidelines in regards to social distancing. As we await further information from the Welsh Government, we are helping many of our members plan to reopen. We are ready to begin our recovery plan and move forward with the recovery process of our much loved town centre.
For up-to-date information surrounding COVID-19, please visit where you’ll find updated links and advice, as well as the latest BID activity. The Big Heart of Merthyr Tydfil knows the challenges facing our members at the moment are unprecedented. With advice changing rapidly and many businesses having to change their business models to offer online and delivery services as well as change in opening hours. 
To support our members we continue to market businesses on our social media platforms so please get in touch if there are any messages you would like us to circulate on your behalf.